Renegade Peppers


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Anahiem Chile Peppers

8 oz Bread Crumbs
6 Eggs
2 Tbl

Renegade Rub

  Cheese (I use string!)
  Olive Oil


1.  Place the chile peppers on a hot BBQ to roast.  (Here's a way to do it over a stove) (Here is how to do it over a BBQ)

2.  Place the roasted peppers in a plastic or paper bag to cool and steam.

3.  My Grandmother used a brown paper bag, I like that best.

4.  After 15 or 20 minutes, remove the peppers from the bag and peel.

5. Slit the peppers near the stem just big enough to stuff the cheese in.

6.  Take the string cheese, cut it lengthwise and stuff the pepper.

7. Mix the bread crumbs and Renegade Rub.  Crack the eggs and scramble.

8. Dip the stuffed peppers in the eggs then in the bread crumb misture. (twice if you like the bread coating thick)

9. Place in hot frying pan with olive oil, cooking each side 2 or 3 minutes.

10. These peppers are good served cold or hot but be careful once in a while you hit a spice one!!