Renegade Corn


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8 ears




16  oz pkg Frozen Corn
1/2 stick Butter
2 cloves Garlic minced or chopped
  Renegade Rub
1 Lime cut in quarters



1.  Peel back the corn husks, remove silk, and put the husks back.

2.   Soak the corn in water for an hour or more.

3.   Place on hot grill rotating frequently. (some of the husks may catch fire)

4. The object is to get some kernels charred.

5.   After 15 or 20 minutes remove the corn from the grill.

6. In a frying pan add the butter and garlic.  Saute the garlic.

7.  Add the corn and season with Renegade Rub.

8. When the corn is just about done squeeze the lime into the frying pan.

9. Toss the lime quarters into the corn for some added color.