Renegade Rub


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What is Renegade Rub? 

Renegade Rub is the perfect seasoning for meat, chicken, fish or vegetables.  We have customers that use it on french fries, pumpkin seeds and popcorn.  Use it as a replacement for salt to get the extra burst of flavor.  Go to for delicious recipes and to order your Renegade Rub.

About Us

People often ask us “Where did Renegade Rub come from?”  Well, Rich developed the Rub through many hours of testing, perfecting the formula on his backyard BBQ.  Rich would always use the Rub when BBQing with friends and invariably they would ask where they could get some of this superior seasoning.  He would put some in an empty spice bottle and give it to them.


Then in 1999, while sitting around a campfire, (where many great ideas take shape!) Greg, one of Rich’s long time friends who has an entrepreneurial spirit and is involved in the food industry, said “We should partner up and sell this rub!”  The rest is history.  Renegade Rub continues to increase in sales and popularity every year.  Use one of the recipes on the web site or try it on something new you come up with.  We know you will savor the flavor of the Rub and click on the order tab to order a bottle of Renegade Rub.

 Happy BBQing

 Rich and Greg